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The lights are on for sure...
...but baby the occupants have flown
1st-Nov-2009 07:57 pm - BSG Vienna Teng Picspam
(fandom)- bsg piano
A quick picspam I slapped together based on a couple of Vienna Teng songs. Because I don't have the time to vid. For the record, not the entirety of the song is used in each set.

You're gonna make your mark this timeCollapse )
7th-Oct-2009 10:09 am - BSG Mini-Series Script Commentary
(fandom)- bsg cylon
So I managed to get my hands on the mini-series script, what's clearly a draft of what we eventually got, and felt compelled to write commentary. I mean it confirms my opinion that RDM writes some truly crappy dialogue at times there is some serious "Well, as you know, Bob" going on, a few interesting scene changes, some major character differences... and well I'll stop yammering and let you get to... my yammering on Part 1. Part 2 will come later this week.

That's great it starts with an earthquake... or not.Collapse )
(fandom)- bsg cylon
For anyone on my flist who is a fan of Battlestar Galactica (and that's like half of you! So I'm expecting some response here!) Come join twelvecolonies , our second battle is starting up and we are looking for shiny new members, and if you apply, lovelies, you'd be helping me out, Team Galactica lost so badly last time around, we can't let it happen again. (Break the cycle and all that shit.)

What is Twelve Colonies? Modeled after [info]whedonland, members of this community will be sorted into one of three teams – Team Basestar, Team Colonial One, and Team Galactica. There will be challenges posted in which members may participate to receive points for their teams. After three months, the team with the most points will be declared the winners and have bragging rights for the next three months. Periodically there will be tougher challenges (which will be labeled as “Battles”). These Battles will be worth more points to the winners. Challenges range from icon making to trivia to writing limericks. It's shit tons of fun guys! So check it out!


(fandom)- A2K Tasha
Here I am being bored. I decided to cook up a little game for today! And maybe there would be a little fun to be had.

Step 1) Post anonymously three characters, they can be from the same fandom or different fandoms but it has to be THREE CHARACTERS EXACTLY.

Step 2) Go around to sets of characters that other people have posted and comment with which one you'd marry, which one you'd shag, and which one you'd cliff. Explanations are always welcome.


Post: Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane, Kendra Young

Answer: Frak Faith (because who wouldn't want to frak her! OMG!), Marry Buffy (she might be a pain sometimes, but she's loyal and she'd keep the house free from burglars and vampires!), and cliff Kendra (because seriously who the hell even remembers her?)
16th-Jul-2009 08:57 am - Mini Sim Update!
(fandom)- A2K Tasha
Nothing full blown but just a few vids, until I get around to some actual playtime. Maybe tomorrow.

And today on things you never ever want to see Tigh doing...

And Helo teaching Anson to walk, plus bonus Anson picking his nose. ... Ew.

10th-Jul-2009 10:50 pm - Sim Update 7! This time with video!
(mood)- geeky
callmeonetrack reminded me I haven't updated in a while, so here we go!

I finally figured out the video guys! SO I HAVE SOME AWESOME VID. Including Gaius talking to himself and freaking out.

First up on the vid list... gratuitous Pilot!Smoochies, because... heh... you know I'm totally all over that. PART ONE!

Smoochies and Photo Updates continue under cut. I spend a little too much time being obsessed with Zandra... more ageups, a party at the Tigh house, fascinating discoveries, and a new babyCollapse )
(fandom)- bsg piano
Some new neighbors move in and cause some havoc. We have a new baby in the mix and possibly one on the way, also Dee, Hoshi, and Gaeta fail at responsible parenting. Also... bitch fights... lots and lots of bitchfights.

Have some gratuitous pilot smoochies for starters.

26th-Jun-2009 04:42 pm - Another Sims Update
(fandom)- A2K Tasha
Before the post, if you have time, I posted a poll about commentary related stuff. If you have the time to check it out I'd appreciate it.

Now onto the Sims. We have a wedding AND FIRE! And me still trying to figure out where the hell Jarrett Dualla came from.

Kacey teaches Zandra to walk. They're adorable pseudo-sisters.
I used to get the death march confused with the wedding march...Collapse )

This post was lacking in pilots. :( I'll fix that eventually. In other news THUNDERSTORM! I LOVE IT! I need to shower but if there's thunder and lightning out there I'm not gonna risk it.

P.S. yet again... commentary poll... post before this. Stroke my ego?

22nd-Jun-2009 12:09 am - BSG SIMS IV- A New Hope
(fandom)- A2K Tasha
So we got two new households moving in. One I've been planning since the start. I don't think I'm actually going to do much with them, but seeing as poor Kaylee and Chief haven't had a lot going on lately, I figured I'd move the rest of the Serenity crew in next door. (I didn't make these sims, I was in a rush so I got a premade set from the Exchange. I DID however make the Book and Inara ones because the set did not have Book and their Inara was...scary.) And now we also have HOUSE FULL O' CYLONS... moved in practically in the Adama's backyard. (No Dualla updates this time.)

Plus I figured out the cheats to set career at whatever you want for each character. *snerk* Almost all the military career options are air force. *glee* 

Teaser pic! Leoben pays a visit to the Adama house... note... Kara and Kacey can be seen through the window....
News from BSG-villeCollapse )

15th-Jun-2009 09:13 pm - Another Sim Update
(fandom)- A2K Tasha
So soon? Yes! 

I moved everyone into bigger/nicer houses. Especially in light of Jarrett Dualla, Kara's pregnancy, and I do want to get Helo and Sharon to have another baby. (I've totally not paid attention to the Tigh-Baltar house for a while.)

I figured out how to turn aging off but not before Kacey, Hera, and Liam all aged up to teenagers... this is an experience. Liam... is kind of an anti-social loser. In a really big way. They all got more personality traits as they aged up. Kacey developed "inappropriate." I swear, she really is a traumatized girl. I'm not unconvinced that she is what would become of Kacey. Hera developed... I think overly excitable or something like that... and I don't remember what Liam got... but he's still a little weirdo. I tried SO HARD to get him to become friends with Hera and Kacey... I even wanted him to develop a romantic interest in one of them... well... you know what they say about well laid plans...

Our teens. (Sharon's probably wondering why the hell Hera is going out of the house dressed like that.)

Under the cut... Hera's evil manifests, a new addition to the Adama family, and Jarrett has a mommy and two daddiesCollapse )

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