Ray (rayruz) wrote,

Yuletide Letter

To whomever is writing for me <3

Okay so this is my first time doing yuletide, I'm also kind of a one fandom at a time girl so bear with me here... or is it bare with me? I am not sure. Anyways! Since it's y'know, the holidays, I'd prefer happy fic. I do like angst in that hurts so good way but I'm thinking this isn't the right time of year. Whatever you decide, thank you in advance, and I'm sorry I'm so unhelpful.

Victor and Sierra have recently become one of my OTPs, and it's kind of a tricky OTP because well... they are actives, essentially blank, and yet connected anyhow. But I can't help but wonder what goes wrong. Why were they over in Epitaph One? How is their relationship viewed by the Dollhouse? Would they have to end up being sneaky? Um... I don't have much to say about that otherwise. I would be okay with angst for them but also playfulness would be awesome.

Desperate Housewives
I ship Julie and Dylan like it's my job, she tends to fall for the most fucked up of the fucked up Zach, Austin, and I just see Dylan as the next one in a long line.. and let's not even get into her messed up affair in S6. Basically I really missed Julie when she was gone and would love any kind of fic that had something to do with her during the time skip. If not Julie/Dylan, than just whatever she gets up to in college and away from Susan and her crazy.

Hunger Games
I'm not desperately invested in the ship wars, if they are really that war-like, with Hunger Games, but I see so much Kat/Peeta on the one community that I follow, but I just... don't ship it. I understand it. I do. I just am not too terribly fond of it. I love the history that Kat and Gale have and the strong foundation of friendship on which they could build a relationship, and I'd kind of just like anything exploring that.

I have regrettably not gotten as far in Fables as I would like to be, I think I'm maybe 14-20 issues in. But I'm madly in love with Rose Red and anything, anything, about her would be awesome.

Sorry I am so not useful but thank you in advance! <3
Tags: fandom: yuletide
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